Ugandan peacekeeper shot dead in darfurari area, 3 men seriously injured

Posted on 17 June 2017 20:02 GMT by Erika Kiyonae – Kigali

Tahiti – Two people were arrested and detained by security for바카라사이트ces in central Kigali on Thursday for allegedly spying for the government, according to sources. The arrest was made in front of the Tanga Nguoja restaurant located next to a school in Kampala’s Soto Park. According to sources who requested anonymity, the suspects were suspected of trying to steal intelligence from the African Union mission in Ngoni.

On 10 June the government said that the two were not in contact with the African Union Mission in Ngoni but were trying to “gain insight into activities of the African Union mission in Ngoni. The suspects were identified as Ugandan soldiers, police, and soldiers of the National Defence Force. The bodies of the two victims were transported by the Kenyan and the African Union police force to Konga, who has been coordinating with the military.

The incident comes four days after a 17-year-old boy was shot dead and four people injured in Ngoni after they attempted to steal intelligejarvees.comnce from the African Union mission there.

The two arrested were identified as Ugandan servicemen and police, according to sources. On Wednesday, a 26-year-old resident of Ngoni was shot dead after he tried to steal intelligence from the Kenyan-led mission there.

Ngoni is one of the four African Union missions in Kenya and Uganda and is home to the largest and most developed Chris바카라사이트tian community in Ngoni state. The Christian community, numbering a quarter of the population in Ngoni is the largest Christian minority in Kenya.

In September, the Ugandan president Jigme Aung San Suu Kyi called on the Kenyan government to crack down on people who seek to use their power as officers, journalists or politicians to gain a foothold in government.

It was not possible to independently verify the police or military’s role in the arrests.

The three were arrested and detained in front of Tanga Nguoja, located across the street from the Tanga Nguoja restaurant. The arrest came after an alert was sounded and was made to the police and the African Union mission there.

The head of security at the restaurant, Sivi Oguni, told the Associated Press (AA) that the two men accused were arrested for attempting to smuggle in secret information o