Sunshine coast urged to learn from byrons problems

A new report on the Sunshine Coast has warned the area needs to learn fr바카라사이트om the problems with one of its big wind farms.

The National Weather Service said the issue was exacerbated by the way the wind turbine was mounted.

This has resulted in the wind turbine’s centre of gravity being further towards the tower when the battery-backed equipment was installed.

That led to the tower’s windward side being more than 40cm to the rear of the wind turbine – meaning it caused problems for the safety of the residents.

The National Weather Service said “a large section” of the wind turbine was “narrowly pointing towards the rear of the tower” at one stage, meaning residents could have no idea when they should brace themselves for the potential of a gust of wind.

This happened at least four times throughout the morning on Thursday, including at 11.40am, when three of the turbines were mounted on the windward side of the windfarm.

These included after 1pm when a gust of wind was reported for around half an hour, before 9.30am.

The area is now closed to the public to avoid any disruption to the weather system and to reduce the risk of serious damage to property.

It is also advised that residents watch out for any potential hazards in areas close to the windfarm.

One resident told 572 ABC Melbourne he was scared when he saw the wind turbines being mounted on the other side of the building, saying there were already “people on all sides” looking over their heads.

And one man was “worried for his kids” when a gust of wind was reported for about 10.35am, said the weather station.

“The tower was still there, and the building that was connected to it, about six or seven feet above the ground, the main unit, that was attached to the tower, was looking over there very closely,우리카지노 and there was an air intake there which had a small opening, and it was pointing over the heads of the wind turbines.

“The wind turbines actually are at different heights and they would’ve moved around each바카라사이트 other when the tower was up, but as a result it was a very severe wind event.”

The main unit for the four-metre-tall turbines is mounted between the roof tiles of buildings on either side of the windfarm.

A second wind farm will be started about 40 kilometres to the west of the tower.