Ses expects lengthy glenda clean up with the exception of some small cleanup of soil, but there should be no more contamination. Ses thinks the site will be left as it was: no cleanup required. But this would be bad for the surrounding wetlands.

The report notes it will be “extremely difficult to re-establish control” of the site’s wetlands. The report recommends that the local government maintain all of the existing control measures at the area in an attempt to continue to protect the site’s wetlands, and to reduce their exposure to the surrounding area. The report also notes: “There is not sufficient evidence to determine that there is an increased risk for human exposure to wildlife or fish.” The study finds “no evidence that the current management measures in place at the site have prevented disease transmission.” Ses says no action is required by the city to protect the wetlands because, “if any of the local government plans for the wetlands to be destroyed due to fire or wind damage by this time, a substantial loss of vegetation from the wetlands would be detrimental to th바카라e community’s ability to support 바카라wildlife and maintain wildlife habitat.” The county’s plans are to keep the site “as is and to provide for any subsequent restoration and re-establishing of the control measures.”

Ses says if any of those plans are implemented, “there wi바카라사이트ll be major problems for residents that will be impacted in some manner.” “There’s been a lot of talk of the idea [of closing the site] being a dead letter,” he said. “So all the problems have happened now, we should be on the lookout for other problems in the future as well.”