Danang Paintball Club is an ideal entertaining place for those who love to take part in group activities as well as to have relaxing time after a hard working period.

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Why Paintball is special ?

Enjoy The Best Experience: Attractive, Dramatic and Safe

Paintball is currently the world’s fastest growing team sport. In nearly 30 years the sport has exploded into the world’s stage by millions of player from over 80 countries. It involves two teams competing for territory and captures the flag. A game of strategy and intellect, you will be quick thinking and resourceful to outwit your opponents. From all walks of life, from all ages and sexes, the game of paintball continuous to evolve and become much more than a pastime for many people.

Since July 2012, Paintball has come into operation in Danang with the name “ Danang Paintball Club” by MDQ Joint Stock Co. Da Nang Paintball Club is at 07 Duy Tan Street, Hai Chau Dist, Da Nang City

Scenario and Arena: are stimulated base on a real historical event took place nearly 50 years ago called ” Lien Chieu Depot battle” (*) between the Viet Nam Commando and the US army. In which, the challenging team has to attack, decimate enemy and set a bomb trap at the appointed place, the opposing team has the task of defending, protecting the base.

Da Nang Paintball Club would like to thank customers for supporting the club as well DRT Television, VTV Television in Da Nang, Dantri.com.vn, Vnexpress.net SGGP, Da Nang Police Newspaper, Sports & Culture Newspaper, Cultural tourism in Da Nang, ICT News, Da Nang News for releasing sufficient information to readers and audiences.

What to explore at Paintball?

Son Tra mountain – woods ball: you will compete in a natural arena is on Son Tra mountain with lots of big trees, stones and hill. This is a unique place on Son Tra mountain that remains its natural with a lot of types of rare animals and birds,…

How to get to Paintball?

The suggested vehicles to come to Paintball include motorbike, bike, taxi, car.

If you are in Giang Huong restaurant, it is very easy for you to get there by walking. You go straight on Nguyen Huu Tho Street and turn left on Duy Tan Street about 7 minutes.

If you are in Big C market, you will go straight on Ong Ich Khiem Street toward Hoang Dieu Street. At the end of Hoang Dieu, you turn right on Duy Tan to see Paintball. It takes about 5-10 minutes by motorbike.

Selling points

  • A best team-building game
  • The First Paintball Club in Da Nang City
  • Attractive, Dramatic and Safe
  • Good place to explore your own operational and shooting skill
  • Great fun, great action

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