Lucy the lucky labrador retriever from the Bronx who was hit by a car in 2010, died of her injuries at the hospital two days later, police said Monday.

Police said there was an altercation between Lucy and a driver that led to an accident. But they said it appears the woman struck the dog in the neck and then the driver fled the scene.

“She was a pretty lucky lab,” New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton said, according to the New York Post.

It was a rare incident of car-ramming in New York, according to the Post. However, police and witnesses say it’s jarvees.comlikely some people were just getting out of the cars and walking their dogs.

Some were so lucky that it didn’t strike the dog.

“The driver ran into the opposite alley and was able to leave the scene before she hi더킹카지노t her,” Bratton said.

Authorities said there were no injuries to the dog or the car. They believe the woman was playing with the dog at the time 더킹카지노of the accident.